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Logic I: Tools for Thinking Student Book

Logic I Student Book






Logic I: Tools for Thinking Teacher's ManualLogic I: Tools for Thinking

teacher's manual e-book
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by Norman M. Birkett


Teacher's Manual
Test Pack
 237 page PDF file 108 page PDF file


Each chapter in the teacher's manual provides commentary on the corresponding student chapter. Topics vary by chapter and include teaching tips, notes on questions students may raise, and enrichment material for those who would like to explore logic in greater depth and detail. The teacher's manual also provides detailed solutions for most exercises. Note that the teacher's manual does not replicate the student book contents, so you will need to own both a student book and a teacher's manual.

"Mr. Birkett has done a tremendous job in writing a program that is a wonderful guide through some challenging waters."
Karen Carlson, homeschooling mother

“I appreciated the discussion of finer points and the side notes found in the
    Teacher's Manual.”
Peter Lipsy, co-op teacher

More testimonials and an in-depth look at the curriculum are found at our Logic curriculum page.

Scope of Logic I

For a quick overview of the topics covered in Logic I: Tools for Thinking, see the product details page for the student book.

To read in more detail about the content of the program, and to view sample chapters, take the guided tour with sample chapters.

Frequently asked questions

When can my child begin?

Most students will be ready to begin Logic I: Tools for Thinking in grade 9 or 10, many in grade 8, and some in grade 7. For a fuller discussion, see the Logic curriculum page.

When will we finish Logic I: Tools for Thinking?

Logic I: Tools for Thinking contains a generous amount of material. It will take the typical student a year or slightly more
to complete, assuming three class periods per week (forty to forty-five minutes each).

What do I order?

If you will be schooling more than one child, order one student book for each child you are teaching, plus one student book, one teacher's manual, and one test pack for yourself.

If you will be schooling just one child and do not mind sharing the student book, then just order one teacher's manual and one student book, total. If you will be schooling just one child but want your own student book, then order one teacher's manual and two student books. (Note that the student book is not a workbook; all exercises are done on separate paper. So sharing the student book is possible even if you, too, wish to do all the exercises.)

Is there a discount for volume orders?

If you need more than fifteen copies total, contact us for a discount.

Satisfaction guarantee

We stand behind our products with a 90-day unconditional guarantee; see our policies page for details.

Secure ordering

We use PayLoadz, fully integrated with PayPal, for safe and secure order processing. For details, see the policies page.

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