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All prices posted on our site are in US dollars. We are currently able to accept orders from the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada. (Contact us if you live elsewhere; we may add other countries in the future.) Please note that for orders from outside the U.S., we may need to contact you concerning additional shipping costs.

Secure ordering

At the time of this writing we are converting to digital sales.

PayLoadz and PayPal

Your digital download order will be processed by PayLoadz, a download specialist. Classical Legacy Press never sees or retains your financial information.

You will not need to establish a PayPal account, if you prefer not to. You may pay PayPal using your own credit card instead.

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Mail order

If you need to order by mail, for hard copy orders from our remaining hard copy inventory—while supplies last—please contact us to make payment arrangements.

Volume purchases

For schools and co-ops needing more than fifteen copies, please contact us for volume purchasing options.

Tax exemptions

If you have a New Jersey tax exemption certificate, please mail it to us and we will refund your tax via PayPal. Our mailing address is Classical Legacy Press,
10 Sampson St., Apt. 310, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663.

Shipping policies

For our remaining hard copy titles, contact us for prices and shipping costs.
All orders will be shipped by UPS or USPS.

We will ordinarily fill your order within seven days of receipt.

Satisfaction guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase from Classical Legacy Press.

If you purchased a digital product, please contact us within 90 days for refund instructions.

If you purchased a hard copy product, you may return it within 90 days of receiving it for a full refund. If you paid through PayPal, your refund will be credited to you through PayPal. If you purchased by mail, you will be issued a refund check. Please follow these steps:

Your privacy

We will never retain any of your financial information. (See above under Secure ordering.)

We will not add your name or contact information to our mailing list unless you ask us to.

We collect anonymous data about traffic patterns through our site, using cookies, to help us understand how well our site is working to deliver the information you want.


All the testimonials we post are the real comments of real users of our programs. Editorial changes have been minor (e.g. punctuation).

If you'd like to add your voice to theirs, please contact us and tell us about your experience with our products.


We seek to honor copyright laws; if we have unintentionally violated copyright in any of our publications or on our website, please contact us so we may rectify the matter.

As for how copyright bears on you, we thank you in advance for honoring our copyright so that we may stay in business to serve you.

What may you copy?

Hard Copy Products

You may copy quizzes and tests from your own teacher's manual or test pack,
in any quantity, for any number of students. You may make copies of any program pages (teacher's manual or student book) for the use of a student who has his own copy of the student book. And you may copy anything in the program for your own personal use, so long as you have purchased a teacher's manual and a student book.

For example, for GLA, if you want to do the same exercises your child does, you don't have to buy your own copy of the student book. You may photocopy your child's worksheets for yourself before your child gets to them.

In addition, you may copy the noun and verb blanks and the vocabulary pre-quizzes from your teacher's manual for use by the younger sibling of a child doing GLA, if you wish. (Vocabulary and paradigms can also be taught without any photocopying; there's more information at the FAQ page, at question B6.)

Digital Downloads

Buying and Printing

Your e-book is a lot like a physical book.
• Buy as many e-books as you would hard copies. Your purchase of one e-book gives you the right to the use of one hard copy of the book, by one person.
• You may print one copy per e-book purchase. If you want to own a hard copy for both you and your student, then you must buy two e-books; likewise, if you want to teach more than one student at a time—your own children, or others—you must buy an e-book for each student. (Contact us through our website to learn how larger co-ops and schools can save.) In addition:
• You may print quiz and test blanks, and worksheets, as needed for the use of students who own the program.

Your purchase of one e-book also allows you to keep one electronic copy plus one
backup electronic copy of the e-book, so long as both are used by only one person.

Giving and Selling

The Great Latin Adventure Student Books I and II are considered consumable, as they contain worksheets. You may not sell or give away your e-book, or the hard copy you print from it.
• The Logic I: Tools for Thinking Student Book and Teacher’s Manual are non-consumable. You may sell or give away your copy in this manner: you may convey your e-book and your hard copy to the next user, who may keep a backup copy of the e-book, but who may not print a new hard copy; and you must not retain any electronic or hard copies of the e-book for yourself. That person may sell or give in turn, in the same way. These policies imitate the familiar life cycle of non e-books.
• The Logic I: Tools for Thinking Test Pack and The Great Latin Adventure Teacher’s Manual are special hybrid cases. You may sell or give as for non-consumables, above, and the buyer may also print hard copies of the test and quiz blanks as needed.

For all our e-book products, you may not make them available (for free or for a price) via any online, email or other sharing platform that enables more than one person to have access to our product. Conveying or acquiring our product via sharing platforms in this way is digital piracy. Thank you for understanding, and we trust you will enjoy your convenient e-books!


Thank you. We look forward to serving you with our products. We trust that they will enrich your family.