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The Great Latin Adventure Level I Teacher's Manual

Level I Teacher's Manual

The Great Latin Adventure Level II Student Book

Level II
Student Book

The Great Latin Adventure Level II Teacher's Manual

Level II Teacher's Manual


The Great Latin Adventure Level I Student BookThe Great Latin Adventure

Level I Student e-book
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by Katharine Birkett


 232 page PDF file  


The Great Latin Adventure, Level I, is a lively introduction to Latin for beginners in grades 4, 5 or 6. Easy to teach and very popular with users, it features a friendly style, clear and thorough grammar lessons, extensive derivative worksheets and engaging translation. Christian content; classical pronunciation. Teacher support is excellent and no Latin background is required.

“I wish I had found this first! Many aspects of this program are
Karen Koehler-Cesa, co-op founder

More testimonials and an in-depth look at the curriculum are found at our Latin curriculum page.

Scope of Level I

By the end of Level I, your child will have a thorough grounding in classical pronunciation and in the vital basics of the Latin verb, noun, and adjective systems.

Your child will know dozens of Latin vocabulary words and will be familiar with dozens of useful English derivatives.

You'll be amazed at your child's comfort level with the unique features of Latin grammar. Children learn to

Grammar's reward

This selection of grammar topics provides the foundation for sentences that are fun for children to translate. By the end of Level I students can translate sentences like these:

There are fierce wild animals in the dark forests.

We are wandering in unknown lands.

We often sin, but God does not sin.

This level of translation ability is a wonderful achievement for children. But it's eminently attainable. Unusually clear grammar explanations, proper idea pacing, abundant exercises and review, and a unique topic sequence make it possible.

Pre-publication users have experienced it over many years:
The Great Latin Adventure
just plain works. Your child won't be lost—and neither will you. Even if you've never studied Latin yourself.

View the complete Level I Student Book Table of Contents for a closer look at the scope of Level I.

Sample pages

View a complete set of sample pages with notes on the different document types that make up the unique and effective chapter structure of The Great Latin Adventure.

Frequently asked questions

When can my child begin?

Most students will be ready to begin The Great Latin Adventure in grade 4 or 5, while some will do best with a grade 6 start, and a few may begin in grade 3. For a fuller discussion, read When to start.

How long will it take to complete Level I?

To give you the best value for your dollar, and to accommodate differences in starting age and teaching schedules, each level of The Great Latin Adventure includes a generous amount of material—more than many students will complete in one year. See When to start for more information.

What do I order?

Order one student book for each child you are teaching, plus one teacher's manual and audio file set for yourself. If you want to do the exercises as well, then you will want a student book for yourself also.

Is there a discount for volume orders?

If you need more than fifteen copies, contact us for a discount.

What else will I need?

A sturdy binder! We like the Staples® Better Binder in white with gray trim. The 1" binder works for the student book and the 1 1/2" binder works for the teacher's manual.

Other questions

Please see our frequently asked questions page for answers to other questions. There's information there on pacing, planning, successor programs, and more.

Satisfaction guarantee

We stand behind our products with a 90-day unconditional guarantee; see our policies page for details.

Secure ordering

We use PayLoadz, fully integrated with PayPal, for safe and secure order processing. For details, see the policies page.

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